Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. She is seen as a deity with petty desires. She is also seen as being vein and only thinking of vanity in everything she does. A good example of this is her responsibility in kidnapping Helen of Troy.

She has a place in all of Greek methodology through her offspring. Eros (more commonly referred to as Cupid) is her son with Zeus, he is seen as the creator and enabler of sensual love. Antheros, who's father is Ares the God of War is the punisher of those who do not return love when it is given to them. Hymen, who's father is Dionysus is the God of Marriage, where his brother is seen as the representation of human lust. Aphrodite also had a number of mortal children but it was only one of them that is seen as a figure in popular culture; that child is Aeneas. His father is a sheppard named Anchises. Aeneas went on to become the founder of Italy and is said to be the mythical ancestor of the Roman people.

Her influence in arts and culture can be seen in such classical works like Botticelli's "Birth of Venus". She is often seen in classical pieces of art work with animals. Since she is said to be an "imported" deity, she is often captured with animals; especially birds such as swans and geese. She is also seen in some cultures as a patron of animals.

She is also said to be part of the start of the great Trojan War. She had promised Prince Paris the most beautiful girl she could find. That woman ended up being Helen, hence the start of the Trojan War.

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