The Buddhists

The goal of one who practices Buddhism is to attain Nirvana which is to be free from desire and self consciousness. To achive these goals the Buddhist must follow the noble path, or the forth part of the four noble truths. This can be seen as the commandments or the main teaching of the Buddhists.

The Five Precepts : The Buddhism Moral Code! click now!

Overview of Buddhism:

The four noble truths are:

  1. Existence is suffering
  2. Suffering has a cause (Karma)
  3. There is a sensation of suffering known as Nirvana
  4. The Noble Eightfold Path (the path to cessation of suffering)

The Four Noble Truths (in depth informative videos):

The Noble Eightfold Path

The Eightfold Path outline helper:
1.Right View
2.Right Intention
3.Right Speech
4.Right Action
5.Right Livelihood
6.Right Effort
7.Right Mindfulness
8.Right Concentration

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