Entranced by Trance


Hello Everyone! Welcome to our page about trance (the state of consciousness, NOT the music!). People throughout time have experienced and utilized trance in many different ways. On our page you will experience trance from several different perspectives: the physical, mental, and emotional. You will see instances of trance throughout various religions and cultures as well as in medicine, psychology, and media. There are many resources on the internet devoted to specific aspects of trance, but not as many places where you can find a general overview of trance throughout time and space. Furthermore, many people think of old Voodoo rituals when they are asked about trance but don't realize that it is still a very common phenomenon in several different forms today. The purpose of this Wiki is to provide breadth, not depth. We hope that through the creation of this page we will be able to provide a general introductory look at trance so that individuals will learn to spot trance for themselves...perhaps even in their own lives!

A Brief Introduction...

According to Dictionary.com, trance is:

1. A half-conscious state, seemingly between sleeping and waking, in which ability to function voluntarily may be suspended.
2. A dazed or bewildered condition.
3. A state of complete mental absorption or deep musing.
4. An unconscious, cataleptic, or hypnotic condition.

5. Spiritualism. a temporary state in which a medium, with suspension of personal consciousness, is controlled by an intelligence from without and used as a means of communication, as from the dead.

Trance and Myth

-Trance has a long history within cultures and has often evolved within the context of myth.
-Trance is an active way of experiencing myth and is utilized in rituals that act out myths.
-Trance helps people experience the world metaphorically just like in myths. Often when a person is in distress, a trance is induced and then a healer tells myths to help teach their place in the world.
-There are many textual references to trance. A few of these include: Bible-Matthew 8:28-34, Torah-Genesis 6:4, Qu'ran-Verse 275

Site Guide

Physiological Aspects of Trance Have you ever wondered what physical changes take place in the body of an individual experiencing trance? This page will talk about everything from the external body changes that are visible when an individual enters trance to studies that have granted us insight as to the internal changes in activity and cognitive functioning that occur during trance.

Trance and Religion People of varying faiths throughout the world have experienced and utilized trance. Although it would be nearly impossible to cover all of the forms of trance in existence, this page will give you a few key examples of the role of trance in religion.

Trance and Healing Trance has been used to relieve both physical and mental suffering. This page will discuss several instances where trance (even if not specifically called trance) has claimed to aid in healing. It will also discuss whether scholars think it is actually beneficial or not, and why.

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