The Evolution of the American Family



The American Family, also known to many as the Nuclear Family became popular between the 1950-1960's in the United States. The American Family consist of a mother and father and there children. The whole family lives under the same roof and and the father was known as the primary money maker. The father works and makes things possible for the family while the mother takes care of the household and most of the responsibilities pertaining to the children. The Nuclear family meets its need because available resources are split up among only a few individuals.

The American Family model started just after WWII. The country became interested in building units that could house families under one roof. This family unit became a symbol of security and a return to traditional gender roles.

There are several examples for the Nuclear family. In this article there are a few I found while online about the
Nuclear Family.


All family house holds that are in American today don't always consist of the mother and father of the children living in the home. There are many marriages that have failed to stay together and in result the mother or the father may find another partner years down the line. In result this is how kids become stepchildren and adults become stepparents.

Aside from homes with two parents, there are also homes that only have one care giver, either it be the mother or the father. In some cases this occurs from a parent passing away, or from the parents of the child separating. When the separation happens one of the parents usually seek custody of the child by means of a court process. The child should always be placed in the best situation, where he or she can still maintain a good life. There should also equal time that the child can spend with both parents regardless of the living arrangements. A child needs both parents, not just one.


There are also people that choose the option of adoption. Some people choose this option because they aren't able to reproduce. But then there are the people that do it out of the kindness of their heart. They adopt because there are a lot of kids without parents, and need a home just like any other kid in America. Bringing a kid into your home that you didn't bring into the world and loving it like you did, there are many things you can say about people like this. It is a great opportunity to change a kid's life, and to give them a fair chance at life.


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